Slocomb Fire and Rescue adds new fire training tower

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Today Slocomb Fire and Rescue replaced their fire training tower that was destroyed by Hurricane Michael.

The affordable drill tower from Texas will be the first tower like this in the state of Alabama.

The tower is vital for the departments training and keeping their ISO rating low. To achieve a low ISO rating, a burn building and a drill tower are required.

But the tower benefits not only the ones who train on it but the community they serve.

"It's great for training for our personnel, help's us maintain a low ISO rating which is what you need, ours is currently a 2. This and the training that it provides will help us keep those rates low which in turn benefits our citizens greatly," Mayor of Slocomb, Rob Hinson said.

"Well we have a saying that we train like we fight, and our fight being fighting the fire. So if were more proficient at rescuing people out of burning buildings then were more ready to be able to save a life quickly," Operations Chief for Slocomb Fire and Rescue, Kyle Hovey said.

Other local fire departments will also get the opportunity to train on the new drill tower.