Senator Nelson Calls for Special Session on Beaches

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WALTON COUNTY, FL -- (WTVY) Joined by local residents and beachgoers, U.S. Senator Bill Nelson stood in front of a sign restricting use of Florida’s beaches on Friday morning in Walton County and called on Rick Scott to call the Legislature into session to repeal the law that created the problem when he signed a bill undermining customary use of Florida beaches earlier this year.
Sheriff Mike Adkinson said he wants the law clarified because it puts his deputies in the uncomfortable position of potentially arresting people who are just there to enjoy the beach.

Nelson pointed out millions of people travel to Florida every year to enjoy the beaches.

But Scott’s law restricting use of the beaches is hurting Florida's economy, with recent reports of visitors saying, "Florida's just not as friendly anymore."

“This isn’t what Florida is about,” Nelson said. “We have always rolled out the welcome mat for residents and visitors. Rick Scott created this problem and he could call the legislature back to Tallahassee to fix it.”