Schools to remain open in Alabama but not in Georgia

There is a lot of misinformation related to COVID-19 making its way around social media and other avenues these days. Unfortunately, some people believe it is either funny or have another agenda to misrepresent the facts. (MGN Image)
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Undated (WTVY)-- While many Georgia schools are closed due to the COVID-19 threat, those in Alabama will remain open.

The Alabama Department of Public Health issued that guidance Friday while warning against gatherings of more than 500.

In Dothan, Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Edwards said events that would have more than that number of people should be canceled no later than March 20.

“This would include performances, plays, athletics, conferences, etc. Please note that amended activities may still be appropriate if you can limit attendance,” she said in a release. Those guidelines would apply to any events scheduled through April 30.

On Friday, ADPH confirmed the state’s first case of coronavirus, a person from Montgomery County who had traveled out of state. Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris said that person suffers from chronic medical issues.

While Alabama public schools will remain open, many in Georgia have opted in close, including Early and Seminole County that are in close proximity to southeast Alabama.

That action came after a Seminole County school employee tested positive for COVID-19.

Houston County, Georgia schools also closed, causing confusion with Houston County, Alabama schools that will remain open unless directed otherwise by state health officials.