Satsumas are strong this year

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PANSEY, AL (WTVY) - One local sweet citrus fruit is faring nicely on its production this year.
Growers say this year's satsuma crop is Grade-A quality.

Jimmy Addison has been growing satsumas for 8 years now.
He manages 450 trees on his farm in Pansey.

Addison says:
"I don't think we had quite as many fruit as last year, but I believe the quality of the fruit this year is much better than it was last year."
Simply put, satsumas are a small mandarin orange.

One satsuma tree can produce 200 to 300 pounds of fruit.

The citrus crop thrives in warm weather. An ideal forecast would be highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s.
Along with warm temperatures comes the need of moisture for the crop.

"The fruit doesn't taste very good if you don't have enough water, it's very acidic."

Addison says that the active hurricane season brought just enough moisture for Alabama producers.
"Except for the fact that it messed up some of the Florida producers so there is not as much fruit coming into Alabama as we've had in the past."

Most satsumas will be harvested in the middle of November.
"We started with our gathering about 2 weeks ago and it's the middle of November now so most people start around the middle November. I think our crop is a little early this year but the fruit has been really, really good."

Satsumas taste best when they are bright orange.

All satsumas should be picked by the beginning of January.
Satsuma prices vary but the baseline for most growers is 80-cents a pound.