Santa for Soldiers Project Drop-Off Location has changed

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) -- Supplies are still being collected for deployed soldiers with the 186th Engineering Company out of Dothan.
Supplies are now being collected at Harley Davidson in Dothan, since the Army National Guard building is being remodeled.
The last day to drop off items is December 15th.
They have enough supplies to make 100 boxes, but they need to fill 62 more boxes.
If they have any left over boxes, they will go to other guard units across the state.

Dutch Holland, Co-Owner of Harley Davidson of Dothan says:
“Oh when they get these care packages from home with what’s listed on that list…it’ll be like Christmas away from home.”

Soldier's Wish List
Greeting Cards - Have your child or family sign a card and bring to one of our drop locations.

Soup (any flavor pop top)
Individual packs of Crackers
Individual packs of Peanuts
Canned Boiled Peanuts (pop top)
Beef Jerky
Slim Jims
Sunflower Seeds
Drink Mix for water bottles any flavor (especially tea)
Individual packs instant coffee/cream/sugar
Hard Candy, gummy candy, chewing gum)
Kraft handi-snacks bread stix & cheese
Individual packs Pringles
Peanut butter
Protein bars
Saltine crackers
Ritz Crackers
Canned fruit (pop top)
Ink Pens
Books and Magazines
Puzzle Books
Cotton Balls
Tooth paste
Maxi Pads
Baby wipes
Mouth wash (no alcohol)
Fun Band-aids
Shaving Cream
Deodorant - male and female

Santa for Soldiers are not allowed to ship anything with alcohol, aerosol, or things that melt. Also NO PORK products.