SURVEY: Houston County commissioner asks what you think about the county

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DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) Houston County commissioner Brandon Shoupe conducted a community survey and the results are in.

Shoupe says, “First, thank you to everyone who completed my community survey. The results have been interesting. They validated some past decisions while providing insight into things we can do better.”

You can view the full results here:

Here are the highlights:

• More people are concerned about their slow internet speeds than the conditions of the roads.
• Don't get me wrong, people are still concerned about the roads, with just over half of all respondents say our roadways are in disrepair.
• The Sheriff's Department, Fire, and EMS coverage all received good remarks by the public.
• Local citizens with 2-year degrees feel the most uncertain in their economic futures. We need to do a better job of recruiting companies that employ people with this level of education.
• A great many citizens are concerned about low wages in the local job market. This has long been a problem and one that we must continue to work on.
• Disturbingly, too many people think their children can make a better life for themselves somewhere other than Houston County.
• Being closed on Fridays does not get in the way of people doing business with county government; a great majority said it was "somewhat easy" or "very easy" to do business with us.
• In general, most citizens want more county services but aren't excited about the prospect of paying more in taxes to fund these services.
• Many people think to improve our local economy, we must first improve our public education system.