Rivals team up and make music

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DOTHAN, AL. (WTVY) -- Northview High and Dothan High School band students are no longer rivals, they are now one team.

The new DHS Band Director Jamie Howell says she's focused on keeping traditions from both schools and composing new ones.

"You have two amazing bands coming together into one band," said Allison Jackson a member of the drumline.

Meet Pride of the Wolfpack - It's the first-class playing notes as the new Dothan High School Band after the district-wide restructuring.

There are 123 members; some from Northview, others from the old DHS.

"It's kind of different going to school with new people, that you use to have a rivalry between, but it's different we are better together," said Shaquoria Marsh, a DHS Senior.

There were about 100 members in each high school band last year. So, where did the others go?

"We were expecting it to be larger but what happened is we lost two large senior classes from both and we don't have the big 9th-grade class," said Howell.

Howell says everyone gets a chance, even the 9th graders.

"When they told us that we were going to Dothan Prep, I thought we weren't going to be part of the band, me and my friends were really looking forward to that," said 9th grader Christopher Morris.

But luckily for Morris and his friends - "It felt pretty good being able to play with the high schoolers," said Issac Harris.

The band will have two drum majors - "We are looking very promising a lot of people have been looking for the band to fail and because of the consolidation but I can say everyone here is working really well, learning quicly and doing a good job," said Drum Major Hunter Howell.

And there's new and old sheet music - an original Alma Matter, a new fight song, and stand music.

"We are trying to keep traditions from both schools as well as start new ones," said Howell.

Team leaders come from both Northview and the old Dothan High.