Residents say Kevin Dorsey doesn't live in his district

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DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) Dothan City Commissioner Kevin Dorsey says claims that he doesn't live in the district he represents are bogus.

Former mayoral candidate Ruth Page Nelson alleges Dorsey lives in District Six, not District One.

Frequent commission critic Kevin Saffold also says Dorsey should resign.

Dorsey debunked the allegations during Tuesday's city commission meeting.

The second term commissioner saying where he lives is a matter of public record.

Dorsey says, "In our community, there's far many issues we could talk about than this. I live at 205 Doris Lane. That's my home. It's in my name. Utilities, mail, I pay the mortgage there, that’s what you have."

Mayor Mark Saliba says the allegations regarding Dorsey’s residency will be investigated.