Prices going up for animals at Dothan Animal Shelter

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DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) — The price of animals at the Dothan Animal Shelter are going up.

City commissioners approved to raise the price to $55 for a cat and $85 for a dog but the city will pay to have the animal fixed and microchipped.

Prices used to be $25 and you sign a contract saying you would get the animal fixed.

They entered into a partnership with Wiregrass Spay and Neuter Alliance for the service.

Commissioner Beth Kenward says, "To many times people come and get these animals and they’re cute as puppies and kittens but they don’t do what they say they will so this is our way of dealing with the overpopulation problem we have in the city of Dothan."

There are around 300 animals at the Dothan Animal Shelter.