Preventing porch pirates this holiday season.

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Delivery services are busy this time of year and while delivery trucks are dropping off packages at your home, that doesn't always mean you're receiving them.

Porch pirates are on the move and causing a lot of stress for families this holiday season.

With it being the prime time to order Christmas presents, the Dothan Police Department wants to ensure you receive everything you ordered.

It's almost time to set the presents under the Christmas tree but some families may be waiting longer than they expected.

"If you know you have packages coming in, if you can take a early lunch or late lunch to try and get by there and get them up. Or if your neighbors are cooperative by all means we would ask people to be proactive this time of year, to keep somebody's presents from being stolen before they get them," Sergeant Tim Mullis said.

The United States Postal Service is set to deliver more than 28 million packages between December 16th and the 21st. And law enforcement suggests tools like this to help catch the porch pirates in the act.

"The doorbell cameras are extremely helpful, sometimes it could be a crime of opportunity most of the time people, if they do it once they do it multiple times. The more evidence we have the more chances we have of getting the picture out there and somebody being able to identify who it is," Mullis said.

Dothan Police know they'll be putting in extra work this time of year but they hope they can have an extra pair of eyes helping them out.

"We do want to promote neighborhoods fostering those relationships where they can, you know your neighbors and help each other out. This time of year it's just as important not more so that neighbors watch, look for people that don't belong and let the neighborhood knows when something is going on," Mullis said.

But they want to stress the importance of being vigilant this holiday season.

"We cant be everywhere, it helps so much when we do have people calling in. If you see something, say something. we really promote that slogan and of course were busy, were as busy as ever this time of year but if you see something call us well be glad to come check it out," Mullis said.

Different mailing and delivery services have tips on their websites on how to prevent stolen packages.