Possible joint meeting to discuss Jackson Co./Mariana fire & rescue

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JACKSON COUNTY, FL --(WTVY) Marianna city manager Jim Dean has spoken with Jackson County Commissioners about possible changes to Fire/Rescue in the area.
"I mean if there's a way for the city and the county to sit down at the table and address the fire service in the greater Marianna area, or this region, or whatever you want to say, I think it's going to help our community," Dean said.

There's been talk of combining resources and redrawing lines of coverage, as well as a possible third party to help with services.

Response time and economic development have been big reasons behind the push.

Dean said there's currently no inter-local agreement between the city and the county regarding the city responding to EMS calls outside the city limits.

The current agreement is very specific when it comes to fire.

"As a part of that agreement, we need to address providing some type of... maybe some type of EMS service if the city commissioners and the county commissioners want to go there," Dean said.

Dean said that whether it be for safety or economic reasons, changes could be a win-win for both the county and the city. He said a joint workshop between Jackson County and Marianna city commissioners will likely be held in November.