Possible Uniforms for Henry County School System

HEADLAND, Ala. (WTVY) -- The topic of conversation in Henry County Schools has been school uniforms.

A survey has been trending on local social media, getting parents' thoughts on school uniforms in the near future.

Superintendent Chris Padget sent out the survey to get parents thinking about school uniforms as an option.

Figuring out what to wear everyday can be a pain for many parents. Especially those with younger children.

Some parents see benefits from school uniforms, Marsha Miller says standardized clothing could cut down on bullying.

A Headland High School teacher says uniforms will help identify who should be on campus and who shouldn’t, and also help with dress code violations.

"When a school system writes a dress code policy they often talk about what's in fashion at the time and as we know fashion has changed rapidly so it makes it a lot easier to enforce a dress code when students have fewer things to choose from.

The survey will impact students in grades K-12.

Padget says the next step in the process would be presenting the plan in the next town hall meeting.