Poplar Springs celebrates the end of "Senior Year" with parade

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GRACEVILLE, Fl. As graduation day approaches, many schools are finding ways for their class of 2020 to graduate but under the COVID-19 circumstances this years events will be a little different.

Everyone dreams of walking across the stage at their high school graduation but due to COVID-19 schools like Poplar Springs High School had to postpone their graduation ceremony.

"The class of 2020 has dealt with something nobody else has, ever. Nobody has dealt with this, they don't know how to deal with it. So I just believe the class of 2020 will be a lot stronger from this," Drew Baldridge, country music artist said.

Instead the 30 graduating seniors took part in a parade, where the class of 2020 rode in style.

"I didn't get to ride my four wheeler to graduation you know, I had to walk down a gym floor, these kids get to do their thang which is pretty awesome, "Baldridge said.

Leading the parade, country music artist Drew Baldridge, who performed his hit song "Senior Year."

"It's amazing, it's crazy. We didn't expect it and were so grateful to Drew that he actually did it. It's something that means a lot to us, our school is so small and family means everything to us here and it's so important to us that she did this for us," Hannah McPhail, senior said.

A song that gives the class of 2020 comfort, as they reminisce on senior year being cut short.

"Every time they turn down this driveway into our school that they think, I didn't finish it the way I wanted and just like his song in the blink of an eye it's gone anyway. And this year it was gone way before it should've been. So this tonight will hopefully place positive memories in their hearts," Farica West, principal of Poplar Springs said.

Seniors lined the front of the school as parents, family, and community members drove by to congratulate them.

"It's a big step in life and everybody needs that moment to walk across the stage with all your family and friends and be out there screaming your name, embarrassing you. I'm happy we were able to have ours, I wish everyone else could have theirs too," Kobi Long, senior said.

A day dedicated to the class of 2020.

"This is the highlight of their entire experience this year even though it's one that you think COVID-19 cast a pall upon, it's not going to write the end of the story around here, were going to write it," West said.