Polling location changes in the Wiregrass

DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) -- If you plan to vote next Tuesday you may want to double check your polling location.


Coffee, Dale, Geneva and Houston counties have all made changes to the locations of some of their polling places.

In Houston County several voting locations have been changed to help with the flow of voters on election day

Houston county Probate Judge, Patrick Davenport said “we've made two or three different polling location changes to enhance the voter experience."

Judge Davenport says lack of parking and space led to the decision to change some locations.

"We've made changes from Madrid town hall to Madrid Baptist Church, in their fellowship hall. It's a much larger space with plenty of parking, so we think that's a good move for the folks in the southern-most part of the county."

Those who usually vote at the Hodgesville Volunteer Fire Department will only have to travel about a mile to their new polling place at Memphis Baptist Church.

"That area of the county is growing. So we've moved that to the family life center of Memphis Baptist Church; which has a large gymnasium to give us plenty of room” Judge Davenport said.

The county even took into consideration its older voters, making sure they can easily access their polling locations.

Taylor town hall is being renovated, so the polling place there is moving to the senior citizens center next door.

And they changed the location from the Dothan Utilities Department to Selma Baptist Church.

"We moved the location to the gymnasium at Selma Baptist Church and we believe there's better parking there and easier access to get in and out for the voters."

In Geneva, the courthouse, National Guard Armory, community center and City Hall polling locations have all been moved to the First Baptist Church of Geneva.

Geneva County District 4 Commissioner, Sandy Hammer said “I would like for everybody to get out and vote. It is our duty as American citizens to get out and vote.”

“That's the only way that we can get in the people that we really need in government to do the things that we need to do,” he concluded.

Also in Geneva County the Slocomb National Guard Armory polling location has been moved to the First Baptist Church of Slocomb.

Other county’s notable polling location changes:

Elba: Elba Church of Christ

Rocky Head-Ft. Rucker: Bowden Terrace Community Center

Echo: Echo Fire/Rescue Community Facility

Skipperville: Skipperville United Methodist Church Activity Building

Bertha: New Hope Baptist Church Activity Building

The Alabama primary election is Tuesday, March 3rd.