Pollen wreaking havoc across the Wiregrass

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- If you've been sneezing or your eyes are itching, you're certainly not alone.
About three out of ten of us suffer from a variety of seasonal allergies.

"When the leaves are falling off the trees and when the trees are blooming in the spring, are the two primary seasons that affect me the most," said Allergy Sufferer William Hinds.

William is allergic to tree pollen. That's why he comes to the Asthma and Allergy Center in Dothan for allergy shots. He's been getting them for nearly 20 years.

"Two different times I've gotten skins tests to determine what exactly the allergy is and where it's coming from. Then the treatment is formulated based on what I need" continued Hinds.

"Even though pollen counts are much lower during the first part of the season during the first month or two, it's the worst because you haven't exposed for a whole year. Often times people will have problems," said Dr. Mark Kalenian.

This year, tree pollen has been exceptionally high across the Wiregrass due to hotter and drier weather.

The good news for those allergic to tree pollen is that conditions will improve beginning next month. Until then, here's what you can do:

"Dust mite allergies like dust mite covers, washing sheets in hot water, vacuuming weekly with a HEPA filter. Allergy testing can tell you what season to increase your allergy medicine," continued Dr. Kalenian.

The allergy center can test nine different allergens using skin and blood testing. It's good to know what's making you feel miserable because there are several more allergy cycles before the year's over.