Pod Blasting Sessions to be offered starting September 5

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Henry Co, AL (WTVY) It's out with the old and in with the new…
Local farmers are hoping to get more bang for their buck by trading in hand-pulling their peanuts for a more efficient technique called pod blasting.

Extension agents say that this is an important procedure for farmers because it can pinpoint three to seven days when a farmer needs to dig his peanuts.
This method is a better way to allow pre-mature peanuts to fully grow.
Learning how to pod blast can help farmers make an additional 300 to 500 pounds of peanuts, bringing in more money this fall.
Pod blasting sessions will be held at the Wiregrass Research and Extension Office.

Kris Balkcom who is a peanut specialist says:
"What they can do is they can bring their peanut samples to here, and then we will pod blast them there for them with a pressure washers and the wired baskets and then we can put them on the board and determine them on maturity what days to dig."

Balkcom also says that some peanuts in the area will be ready to pick within the next 7 to 10 days.