Pizza Hut, Toyota teaming up for delivery vehicle

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(CNN) -- Some day soon when a hot pizza arrives at your door and you go to tip the driver, there may not be one.

Pizza Hut plans to hire 14,000 new drivers this year.

Pizza Hut is teaming up with Toyota to develop self-driving pizza deliveries.

Toyota unveiled a concept vehicle called E-Palette at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It could be used for the service, but the automaker has bigger plans than just delivering pies.

The E-Palette has an open interior space and comes in lengths from 13 to 23 feet.

That makes it large enough to hold small stores that can drive themselves to consumers on demand.

Toyota is sinking one billion dollars into self-driving technology.

Amazon and Uber are also partners.

Testing in the U.S. market for E-Palette will come some time after a pilot program at the 20-20 Olympic Games in Tokyo.