People speak out on gas price hike in Geneva

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GENEVA, Ala. (WTVY) - Gas prices have gone down significantly since the summer rise earlier this year.

The majority of Alabamians are paying around 2 dollars on average for one gallon of gas, but it seems to be significantly higher in Geneva than their neighboring cities, people there aren't enthused.

For a few months now people have been talking about the hike in gas prices in Geneva versus surrounding cities just a few miles down the road.

People took to facebook to chat about the issue and it seems to be a hot topic around town some saying "it is ridiculous" and "infuriating".

Mike Thomas lives 9 miles south of Geneva in Westville, Florida.

Although gas is cheaper for him to get in Alabama he too has still noticed the difference in Wiregrass prices during his drive to the doctor in Dothan.

Mike Thomas, drives through Geneva
"The difference is more like 20 cents a gallon.. this area is more expensive than Dothan is, Dothan is considerably cheaper than Geneva is.."

20 cents is on the lower side.. as of Monday, gas prices around Dothan were spotted at around $2.04.. almost everywhere.
Regina Capps noticed the difference as well..

Regina Capps, drives through Dothan and Geneva
"It is obviously cheaper here than it is in Florida. It's a 20-30 cents difference just from where i am but even in Dothan, i was there yesterday doing some shopping and it was $1.93 at the Sams and Walmart.. so i mean its $2.38 here that's a big difference..that's a lot of money"

About 45 cents to be exact. So the question remains.. why is the price for one gallon so much more in Geneva than surrounding cities?

Some believe its taxes, others think it's the competitive nature and others think it has to do with hurricane Michael bringing a higher demand in the Wiregrass.

Whatever it is, people in and around Geneva are noticing, and are less than happy about it.