Peanut Festival makes donation to area food bank

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — It’s that time of year again; The National Peanut Festival is approaching!

Some of the activities are starting early, Wednesday they donated over 2,000 jars of peanut butter to the Wiregrass Area Food Bank.

Food Bank Executive Director David Hanks says, "Everybody knows how important peanut butter is for your diet."

2,880 jars are going to the food bank.

Hanks says, "This donation comes at a great time, because we are going into the holiday season, and everyone is wanting to do something a little extra for their neighbor."

With so much bad weather this year, many donations went other places so the Wiregrass Area Food Bank’s food supply is low.

Hanks says, peanut butter is the perfect donation.

"Everybody knows how to prepare peanut butter, you don’t have to cook it but you just put it on your apple slices or crackers and you have a meal."

Peanut Festival President Jason Rudd says, this is the perfect way to get the fun started.

Rudd says,
"It is the best time of the year; you have peanuts, great weather, great people, great rides like the ones being set up behind us."

Rides are already going up, including a few new ones, with the hope of making this the best festival yet.

The Northside parking lot is also paved and ready to go at the festival.

The board agreed to spend $3 million dollars to pave the 37 acres, which is 3,800 new parking spots.

Rudd says they should have enough space for everyone on any given day.

Right now, there are no plans to pave the Southside parking area.