Only 3% of American shoppers reguarly buy groceries online

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(CNN) -- All those parking spots at the front of the supermarket reserved for people who bought their groceries online might lead you to believe everybody is doing it. Turns out -- almost nobody is.

We all have to shop for groceries, but as the next decade comes, more people are expected to use the Internet instead of the store to get their food. A new report finds online grocery shopping in American households spending "upwards" of $100 billion. Courtesy:

According to consulting firm Bain and Company, only 3% of American shoppers regularly buy groceries online.

Compare that to consumer electronics, where 40% of sales take place online.

Americans are also behind countries like the UK and South Korea, where 15% of grocery sales happen through E-commerce.

The big problem is only 42% of the people who try buying groceries online say it saves time.

Bain says another issue is nobody has really figured out yet how to replicate the in-store shopping experience online.

Shoppers know where to find discounted items, specials and look for new ideas when browsing store shelves -- but not web sites.

Still -- online grocery sales are expected to triple over the next decade.