PCB restaurant is in the process of getting their iconic steer rebuilt

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ASHFORD Ala.(WTVY)- Angelo’s Steak Pit is known for their iconic 20,000-pound steer named "Big Gus."

One of the first images following Hurricane Michael’s landfall along the gulf coast was "Big Gus" toppled by the storm's powerful winds.

With spring break around the corner “Gus” is seeing new life thanks to a Wiregrass business.

It's owners are working with Chad's Paint and Body Shop in Ashford to make sure he's ready for Spring Break.

"You can see where it broke apart and the concrete. I had to get it all out so we split it. We chiseled out all the concrete. Basically, we're going to put it back together, put some wire where it's split and glass it back in and then it'll be ready to go," says Chad Rice.

For four and half months “Big Gus” has been missing from his popular Front Beach Road location.

Chad's Paint and Body Shop is working day and night to get him looking like his old self.

"It was broken off initially here and then it broke in at this point so we got that back together."

"You add the hardening with it, stir it real good, and basically what I do is pour it on the mat and take a paintbrush and get it saturated.”

Overall Chad says it's been a smooth job and the project has grown popular among the community.

“We had a lot of people coming by driving by slowing down taking pictures. They’ll pull up in the driveway and want to talk about it. So we went ahead and put a tent over it to stop some of that so we wouldn't get distracted."

He even says " Big Gus” might have helped his business boom.

"Anyone that needed that type of particular work done we are certified to do it. I do think it may boost the business."

Angelo’s Steak Pit is set to reopen March 18th.