North Alabama deputies urge people to slow down on closed part of Highway 231

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) -- It’s day seven of the Highway 231 road closure in North Alabama, and thousands of people are having to reroute to detours they’re not familiar with.

Deputies with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office have been working to help ease the flow of traffic.

Wednesday now presents a new challenge for commuters and deputies.

"We had a holiday, Morgan County Schools had a connected campus virtual day, so tomorrow will be the first day that we’ll see our full traffic load and how it will go. That’s what we’re trying to prepare for,” Mike Swafford with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies have been out Tuesday working to get speeding under control in preparation for Wednesday. Lt. Eric Fields with the sheriff’s office says they’ve gotten dozens of calls and messages about people speeding on the Highway 231 detour.

On Wednesday, Fields took WAFF 48 News crews on speed patrol.

"We don’t usually do that, but today we’re trying to make the area more safe,” Fields said.

In a 45 mph zone, we saw cars going above 60.

"We know there’s a lot of new traffic coming through so we’re making sure everyone’s aware of the speed limit. If you would, slow down for me. I’ll give you a warning this time, but next time it’s going to be a ticket. We want everyone to be safe,” Fields said.

As Fields stopped several cars Tuesday, he continued to remind people to slow down.

Both Fields and Swafford say having the speeding decrease will help improve the morning traffic flow you can expect to see tomorrow.

"We’ll be out, we have our SROs adjusted to help with school traffic, getting people in and out. State troopers are on scene. We’ll be out as well. This is our new normal, so we’ll continue to flex where we can to address these issues that continue to come up,” Swafford said.

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