New information in the Missing Person Case of Shanna Peoples

Multiple law enforcement agencies used cadaver dogs to search wooded areas in Geneva after receiving a tip to both Geneva Police Department and the FBI.

Investigators says the two separate tips led them to one location.

Six and a half years ago Shanna Peoples was last seen riding her bike down North Morris Street in Geneva.

Her father, Elvis McKee says since that day, nothing's been easy and it’s been too long.
He says, "you go into a store, you smell her perfume.”

And described her favorite candy, “she liked the um, sour worm candy."

As of now, no remains have been found.

"If she's least let us, bring her home" says, McKee.

After all this time, Shanna’s parents, Elvis and Windy, want this new search to end in closure.

McKee said, "I’m a heart patient, I’ve had a light stroke since then, my wife she’s a severe diabetic, she’s on insulin three times a day so our health is just going downhill."

They have new hope - that this search won't end like the last one - without a trace.

Her mother Windy says, "All I want is her home. Whether she's dead or alive I want her home. Shanna deserves that, she deserves everything right now and that’s to focus on this search and I just want her home, either way."

If you have any information, call investigators at 1-800-392-8011.