New bill would require daycares to call if child doesn’t show up

A mom secures her child in a car seat, but is that seat expired?
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ANNISTON, Ala. (WAFF) Last September, 11-month old twins were left in a car while their father was at work. One of them did not survive the heat.

Representative Randy Wood, for district 36, is naming this the Cash Edwin Jordan Act. It’s in memory of the young child who lost his life last summer. Wood says it’s a simple bill but could save lives.

Here’s how it would work. He says once 9:30 a.m. rolls around, daycares would have to call every parent or guardian if their child does not show up. This would apply to all children enrolled at public or private daycares in Alabama.

The bill has already been submitted and will be discussed when the next legislative session begins on February 4.

Nearly 50 children in the United States died from being left in hot cars in 2019. Wood says he hopes this new law will make a difference in Alabama.

“A parent, guardian, whatever the case may be just needs to slow down and pay attention to their kids. And realize you just have one chance at it. If we can save one life, everything you do is worth while,” Wood said.

Wood says he expects the bill will make it out of committee and pass the House without trouble. Once it has the governor’s signature it will go into effect. We will be sure to give you the First Alert next month when we find out.

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