Moviepass lets you pay a flat fee to see as many movies you want in a month

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(CNN) -- Movie theaters aren't as packed as in years past, according to Box Office Mojo.

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But, one company wants to bring people back to the movie theater by appealing to your wallet.

Moviepass is a subscription service.

You can watch as many as one movie a day -- for $10 a month.

To compare -- the average cost of a movie ticket across the country is about $9 -- according to the National Association of Theater Owners.

So -- if you see two movies a month with movie pass -- you save about $8.

In less than a month -- the service added about half a million users -- and in January -- passed the 1.5 million total user mark.

Moviepass says it is buying one in every 35 tickets sold in the country.

Not everyone is happy about the service.

Mega Chain AMC says the cost of Moviepass is unsustainable

Moviepass' CEO says the company is spending money to make improvements in those areas.

And plans to expand to smaller markets.