Morning storm ravaged parts of Pike and Barbour counties today.

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BRUNDIDGE, Ala. (WTVY) -- Strong winds and a possible tornado ripped through the Brundidge and Clio along Highway 10.

House ravaged by storm on November 27

One family has a little extra to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Jasmaine Foster was home alone when she received a phone alert for a tornado warning.

“I felt the rain getting heavier," Jasmaine Foster. "It was coming down the walls and stuff so I called my dad and was like I think it's happening and he was like just stay in the tub and shut the door and the windows started busting.”

Jasmaine lives in Wisconsin, but is visiting for Thanksgiving.

Her dad was working when she called about the warning.

“I was on the road in Albany so when they called me telling me what's going on," homeowner and father Jarvis Foster said. "I had to pull over and when she called back and said no the house is shaking and things were falling apart that's when I got a little worried and turned the truck around and started heading back this way.”

Jasmaine didn't know how long the strong winds and rain lasted.

“It was scary," she said. "I didn't know what to do at first, but I know during the tornado but in the midst of it happening I was just froze.”

When the storm passed, she quickly saw the destruction it left.

“When I came out I saw the windows and stuff like the whole living room was torn up and then I came outside and everything was like this.”

The event gave Jarvis a new perspective just one day before Thanksgiving.

“I'm just thankful that nothing happened that she's okay and she's going to be alright that nobody was hurt here," Jarvis said "All of this can be replaced and the insurance can take care of that but the main thing is just making sure she was alright.”

The National Weather Service in Birmingham sent a team to assess the damage and determine whether it was in fact a tornado.