Montgomery Police Academy stun gun video goes viral

An unnamed member of Montgomery Police Academy's Class 2019-A takes part in the stun gun portion of the training. (Source: WSFA)
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -- The Montgomery Police Department is a bit shocked after discovering it has a viral video on its hands.

A week ago, the department uploaded a 2-minute clip to its Facebook page showing members of Class 2019-A moving through the Montgomery Police Academy’s training.

In just a week, more than a million views have gone toward the video, which shows each class member as they take part in the stun gun portion of the training. It’s been shared more than 7,500 times and has garnered nearly 2,500 comments.

Ouch! Check out the video below.

According to police department spokeswoman Capt. Regina Duckett, the taser training generally happens around the ninth week of the police academy and every certified officer in Alabama must complete the training. In other words, if you take the course, expect to find out what it feels like to get stunned.

Duckett said the Montgomery Police Academy trains Montgomery Police candidates as well as candidates from other state, county and city agencies.

The class for outside agencies (those in the red shirts) is scheduled to graduate May 28. The Montgomery candidates (blue shirts) are scheduled to graduate July 11.

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