Metro Diner is on the hunt for employees

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DOTHAN, AL. (WTVY) - If you're looking for a job…Dothan may have you covered.

Syndi Vollmuth, Recruiter at Manpower, says "A lot of companies are doing a lot more hiring. There are more people coming into town and things like that."

Manpower is a staffing agency that mainly deals with industrial businesses.

"When our customers see an influx of orders or production boost, that's where they call us and say "Hey, we need some more people." So, it just all depends on the economy and whether everybody is at right now," says Vollmuth.

Manpower says the phone lines are never quiet.

"It's different on days. There are some that are busier than others. I mean we constantly have people calling in looking for work. Now getting them in the door is a different story," says Vollmuth.

Businesses in Dothan are looking for employees...including Metro Diner...which plans to open soon.

Chris Wyatt, Co-Owner of Metro Diner, says "November 13th...Of course there are times where the weather or things like that can affect that but I feel like we are on good track to open right around that time."

Metro Diner is looking to hire those who can work well in a fast-paced environment.

"I'm trying to hire 140 and that's probably a little more than sometimes we hire but I know we're going to be busy...but 140 people is my goal," says Wyatt.

Wyatt says he will hire those without any experience.

"I try to hire attitude. I try to hire people with good work ethics and we train on the job. So, it's mainly the right aptitude and the right attitude," replied Wyatt.

Even though at times being denied a job can be frustrating…it's important to keep the faith.

"Be flexible and try to make sure that what the job is offering is something that you are looking for. Have a clear idea of what you are looking for," says Wyatt.

"Stay persistent. Always call and check in even if you think you're bugging's definitely going to work out in your favor at some point," says Vollmuth.

If you are looking to apply with Metro Diner…the hiring center is located right next door to Mama Rosa's Pizza.