Marianna church builds home for Michael relief workers

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MARIANNA, FL. (WTVY) - Rivertown Community Church has worked with various volunteer groups since Hurricane Michael struck its area. The latest…Mennonite Disaster Service.

"We live here. We were affected...the people that we serve were affected,” replied Yoder.

That's why the church is using their resources to help others adjust to the new norm.

Kevin Yoder, Associate Pastor at the Marianna-Rivertown Community Church, says "We recognized early on that we were going to have to find some partners from outside the area to come help people rebuild."

Mennonite Disaster Service is a volunteer network that responds to disasters in the United States and Canada.

"They've been in the area helping individuals with chain-sawing, putting tarps on the roofs, and moving debris to the edge of the road," replied Yoder.

Wanting to do more...

"What we have done is partnered with them to build some rooms for housing so over the next three to five years, they can bring in volunteers to help with repairs, reconstruction, and even new-home reconstruction," said Yoder.

Providing shelters for these volunteers wasn't an issue…Rivertown made its 20,000 square foot warehouse available.

"We're preparing to house about 40 volunteers. There will be showers, bunk rooms...a food-prep area,” replied Yoder.

Yoder says it's a part of the church's DNA to serve.

"Throughout the year, even prior to the storm, we work to have our people out serving the need of the community. Obviously when the need gets blown up big time because of Hurricane Michael...there's a whole lot more opportunities to serve," said Yoder.

Rivertown Community Church has applied for a grant to better equip the warehouse for more volunteers.

They estimate it will take around $62,000 to finish up the project.

The funding will cover finishing up insulation, flooring, air-conditioning, and other needs in the warehouse.