'Magical' chess board connects to the world via app

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LAS VEGAS (AP) -- A "magical" chess game that moves the pieces by itself is being shown at the CES Technology show in Las Vegas.

Source: MGN Online

The "Square Off" board connects to the internet and lets people play remotely, but still uses a real board and pieces.

It looks like something straight out of the Harry Potter books.

Bhavya Gohil moves his chess piece on the board. No one sits on his opposite side and the pieces appear to move by themselves.

This is the Square Off chess board, made by Indian start-up InfiVention Technologies.

The board moves the pieces by using magnetics. And it connects to a smartphone and app via Bluetooth.

"So, right now I'm playing against Adam who is sitting in the UK," explains Bhavya Gohil, CEO of InfiVention Technologies.

"He just gave me a check. So, now I will respond to his move."

The company is currently running a crowdfunding campaign and hopes to be able to ship the first games this year.

Once it becomes available on the mass market it will cost about 300 US Dollars.

"We always say that it's an experience, it's always a better experience than just playing on an app, rather than you know, your 3D world," says Gohil.

The Square Off chess game is being shown at the CES technology shown in Las Vegas.