Macron pledges to rebuild cathedral in 5 years

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PARIS (AP) - Among those watching with horror as fire engulfed the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral was a U.S. Supreme Court justice.

Justice Stephen Breyer is an architecture lover who heads the jury of the annual Pritzker Prize, the top international prize in architecture.

Breyer watched TV coverage of the Paris blaze in his chambers and says it was "horrific" to see the legendary building in flames.

He said Tuesday there was a moment where it seemed "awful and irredeemable." But he said his spirits rose as he realized the cathedral could, and would, be rebuilt.

In his words, "The future is still there. It's not going to be a void at the center of Paris."

Breyer says his feelings for Notre Dame stem from his very first trip outside the United States when he was 18 and an exchange student in Paris.