Program honors MLK at Fort Rucker

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DALEVILLE, Ala. (WTVY) -- About a hundred people came out to Fort Rucker to honor Martin Luther King JR.

A legend who played a huge role in the civil rights movement

Program Organizer Anthony Thomas said, "It's not about where you're from we are one race one humankind and I think it's very important that we recognize that it's geared to try to get them towards thinking that. How can I help the community? How can I help my fellow man?

The program consisted of someone portrayed as Dr. King behind a screen while the audience got to ask him questions about his life and how he overcame certain obstacles during that time.

Program participant Skyler Carson said, “It wasn't just for what people think the black people it was for everybody their rights to help the community."

Although Dr. King isn't with us now he and his legacy are missed by many.

Lyster Army health Clinic worker Tammy Moore said, “A little sad due to the events that occurred during the protest the people that were hurt obviously towards the end with Martin Luther King's death."

Fort Rucker has been doing this event for a few years now and they hope to continue and switch it up for the years to come.