Dale Co. road flooding will finally be fixed says engineer

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MIDLAND CITY, Ala. (WTVY) -- Dale County Road 560 is back open after flooding washed out the bridge Sunday, but this isn’t a new problem.

EMA director Kurt McDaniel says, “When you have one way in and one way out, it is really a concern for the safety."

The road has been temporarily repaired but finding a long-term fix, isn’t so easy.

Several people in the area say they feel forgotten about.

County Engineer Derek Brewer says plans for a new bridge are about 90% complete.

He says,
"FEMA has approved everything, so the money is there waiting on us but we still have to jump through the hurdles with all the environmental studies."

The $350,000 grant will build a bridge that is 70 feet longer and 9 feet higher than the one that’s there now.

McDaniel says, "There is a lot of work ahead and I know people are upset, but just be patient because they are working on this."

Brewer says the current bridge has to be replaced two or three times a year but the new structure will offer a permanent solution and they hope to have everything done by the end of the year.