Local senior centers come together to celebrate MLK Day

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HEADLAND, Ala. (WTVY) -- Seniors from Dothan and Henry County enjoyed a day honoring a legend that paved the way for civil rights.

Rose Hill senior Rose Taylor said, “What he did will all be in vain if we don't continue to go on. We are still fighting for our freedom. We feel like we have it now, but we don't."

Society has changed over the years and ninety-six-year-old Gussie Allen Pearl says she remembers the day Dr. King died.

“My husband was getting ready to go to the usher board meeting, and he called and said come listen at this. Listen at this. And that's when they showed he got killed in Memphis Tennessee. "

Gussie honors Dr. King's memory each year, and she's constantly encouraging African Americans to express the rights Dr. King fought for.

"I try to teach the younger folks than I am, how important it is to vote, register and vote. Some of them say it doesn't do any good, but it does good.”

During the ceremony guest speaker, Reverend Eddie Thomas had one message for everyone.

"Changes begins within individuals and movements are made up of people who individually accept the challenge to give something to their communities."

But as Dr. King once said, there is still work to do.

Rose Hill senior Nita Brooks said, “I thank God things are much different now and I think it's very important to keep his legacy going on so we can teach our children."

This is the first year Greater Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church has invited others to join their MLK celebration and they hope to do it again next year.