Local school districts react to Gov. Ivey's plan

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) -- Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announced the "Smart on Safety Initiative" Tuesday afternoon.

It's a $41 million plan to make schools across the state safer.

Governor Ivey said, "...How a school responds shouldn't just be in writing."

What is in writing though, are the two purposes the order serves: make campuses more secure and identify those who pose a threat before they can do any damage.

"pay attention to those students at risk and get them mental health attention or counselors immediately to intervene," said Governor Ivey.

In the Wiregrass, Houston County Superintendent, David Sewell is on board with the initiative, saying, "I believe it would make our students feel better to have an armed guard on campus. It would be a first line of defense against someone that would come on campus with a weapon."

Dothan City Schools Superintendent, Dr Phyllis Edwards believes security for schools needs to be done on a case-by-case basis.

She says, "We're talking about access to buildings, so it could be key cards in order to make sure your buildings are secure, and that people are not just able to have multiple keys and get into a building."

Both school systems have already been looking into how to improve security. Following Governor Ivey's announcement Tuesday, how the school districts will use the funding from the state remains to be seen.

Governor Ivey announced the creation of a commission to further study school safety

She expects a report from members by the end of April.