Local non-profit offering free recycling service

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OZARK, Ala. (WTVY) - They say the best things in life are free...
And the Mission Point Marketplace in Ozark is living up to that by providing a free recycling service to local businesses.

The Mission Point Marketplace’s priority is to help others in need.
In order to do so---they've gone green.
Haley Enfinger, Executive Director says:
"We've started cardboard for a cause, this money generates extra revenue for us for the rescue mission to keep the doors open."

This non-profit will provide the container, pick-up and bailing services all for free.
"We have over 65 businesses currently that are operating here in Ozark, Alabama, Dothan...all the way up in echo and we even have calls with Abbeville as well."

And what's it worth?
"We get around 10 or 11 cents per pound for cardboard...it runs between 30 to 40 dollars a bale."
They goal is 4 bales a day.
"As fast as we can build the containers, we have agencies, we have schools, we have businesses, retail opportunity places that want these containers because it saves them money."

Local businesses love the concept.
Jeni Logan, Store Manager at Village Furniture says:
"So we generate a lot of cardboard and if we don't have someone to take that cardboard on a regular basis then we end up having to have someone haul it to a landfill and you know you'd really not rather do that so it's a win-win for us."

Cardboard for a Cause is a campaign that the Mission Point Marketplace hopes they can keep going year round.
Enfinger finishes with:
We not only want to be an organization that reaches into the community for help, but we also want to be a help to the community.

If your business would like to participate, you can call Haley Enfinger at 334-790-2726 or Mission Point Marketplace at 334-774-6553.