Local Man Honors 9/11 First Responders

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Ozark, Al. (WTVY) - You might have seen it at the red light on Highway 231 in Ozark or you could have seen it parked at the 9/11 memorial in New York City. It's a car you can't miss.

Stephen McConnell bought his car in 2014. He says it has gone through three to four phases of design.
The most recent this month. For McConnell, it's all personal, a symbol of freedom.

"It means hardships, loss of loved ones, family it's our way of remembering," said McConnell.

Stephen McConnell comes from a family of veterans- in Ozark.

"My grandfather did 29 years, my dad did 25 years," said McConnell.

Always driven to serve and on Tuesday September 11, 2001 - he knew it was his time-

"When this happened it pushed me to the edge," said McConnell.

Since enlisting after 9/11 - he has served all around the world. Now, he's medically retired. But hasn't stopped fighting for what he believes in -

"As a society we need to remember what happened and what we went through as a nation," said McConnell.

He says his car is a way to advocate for the 343 who can't.

"And I can remember the loved ones I lost personally," said McConnell.

He travels the US to educate kids.

"It’s a storyboard. I explain it to them, what 911 was," said McConnell.

But there's one student that gives him extra hope -

He hopes to hand over the keys to his daughter Myla when she turns 16 to continue their family legacy.

"Every time I do a function, she's my little world, she goes everywhere," said McConnell.

Mcconnell is preparing for the 9-11 stair climb.
He plans to do it in Panama City.

Mcconell spent about three thousand dollars getting the Camaro wrapped by a company in Dothan.