Lead found in three Bonifay homes, officials say don't panic

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BONIFAY, Fl. (WTVY) - Some Bonifay homes tested positive for elevated levels of lead, but city officials say not to panic.

Every 3 years, the city is required to test 20 homes for lead or any other harmful chemicals. The city sent residents a notice informing that some homes in the area had more lead in their water than average.

Only three homes tested positive, so residents should not panic! City of Bonifay dual license operator Sara Ward says the problem is not in the aquifers.

"The lead is not in Bonifay’s source water. Most of the time, it comes through the homeowners equipment such as old, lead piping,” said Ward.

Ward also mentions to contact the city if you are concerned you might have lead in your pipes. A piece of advice she has is to cook with cold water because lead dissolves more easily in hot water.