Lawmakers pass legislation before scurrying from winter weather

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Several bills are moving along after they passed Tuesday in the Alabama Legislature before lawmakers recessed due to the winter weather threat.

The House approved a package of bills aimed at helping veterans. They would give businesses that hire those who served in combat tax incentives and give preferential treatment in state bidding to veteran owned companies.

Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) said a bill passed also authorizes parking spaces in business parking lots for Purple Heart recipients.
In the Senate, a bill abolishing marriage licenses and replacing them with affidavits from couples to solemnize marriage won approval.

Sponsored by Sen. Greg Albritton (R-Range), the measure removes discretion by probate judges whether to issue marriage licenses. The same fees will be charged.

The Senate also passed a bill requiring state and local law enforcement agencies to track traffic stops to determine if racial profiling is occurring.

Bills passed in the Senate head to the House and those in the House to the Senate.

Committee meetings scheduled Wednesday were postponed when Governor Ivey ordered state government to close due to a snow/ice threat.

Lawmakers return Thursday.