Latest Lego animated movie heads to the world of Ninjago

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Hollywood, Calif. (APTN / CBS Newspath) - Justin Theroux had a ball being bad. The actor, who plays a villain in the upcoming "Lego Ninjago Movie," relished the role of evil Lord Garmadon. "(He's) also supreme narcissist as well. Like it's a lot of like, 'Enough about you. What do you think of me?' It's like he's that kind of guy, you know? Where everything is a reflection of … everyone's a mirror for him," said Theroux while promoting the film at San Diego's Comic-Con.

Unlike most animated movies, the "Ninjago" cast had the chance to record together, which Franco says added a "unique tone."

The group recording sessions also offered plenty of opportunities for improvising. And though the action-packed movie is full of laughs, the stars say it has plenty of heart as well.

"There was one time where Dave Franco, make sure we get first and last names so people know who we're talking about, started sobbing uncontrollably," recalled Munn. "Nothing was usable because he was crying so heavily."

"But it's a touching movie!" replied Franco. "It's a very touching story. I will leave it at that."

Theroux teased: "Now I realize you're like, 'It's a touching movie.' But you were the one talking and you were the one crying so you were actually touching yourself."

"The Lego Ninjago Movie" opens in U.S. theaters September 22.