Kitty Kottage Dothan hosts bingo night

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Dothan, Al. (WTVY) - Kitty Kottage Dothan hosted a bingo night at the Episcopal Church of the Nativity on Friday night, and it was all for a good cause.

Kitty Kottage is looking to "pack the pantry" with cat food to prepare for the next wave of kittens at the Kottage.

Bingo night participants brought canned and bagged cat food to the church in exchange for bingo cards. More bingo cards were given out for larger cans or bags of cat food. They were also accepting cash donations for one bingo card per dollar.

If you would like to help out by adopting a kitten, adoption fees are between 125 and 200 dollars depending on the cat. They also have specials on older cats that have been there longer.

All of the cats have their proper vaccinations and shots, have already been spayed or neutered, and have already been microchipped.