Judge dismisses lawsuit against Geneva schools

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Montgomery (WTVY)-- A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against the Geneva School District, this month, alleging it failed to protect a student claiming she was sexually assaulted and bullied.

The suit claimed the girl, who attended Geneva High School, was raped off-campus by one student and harassed by another on campus and the school refused to adequately respond and protect her. The girl’s mother filed the suit, which refers to the student only as “D.R.”

“(Geneva schools) engaged in a pattern and practice of behavior designed to discourage and dissuade students and parents of students who had been sexually assaulted from seeking prosecution and protection and from seeking to have sexual assaults from being fully investigated. (The school) persisted in its actions and inaction even after it had actual knowledge of the harm suffered by D.R.,” the lawsuit alleged.

School board attorneys denied the allegations and filed a motion seeking summary judgment.