Inmate on county work crew finds loaded handgun

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WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WTVY) — All they were looking for was trash.

Walton County Jail Inmates working on a county work crew were assigned to an area on Highway 185 in northern Walton County Tuesday when an inmate found something unexpected.

"It was a loaded handgun," said Major Donnie Clark of the Walton County Jail. "It was rusted and looked like it had been there a while."

Devin Dillard, 53, was about 100 yards from County Highway 83 picking up trash when he found the Jimenez Arms .380 auto instead.
"He immediately took it to a supervisor without alerting any of the other inmates," said Clark.

The work crew supervisor notified the jail of what was found and the two wrapped the weapon in a paper towel for concealment from the other inmates.

"This could have gone tragically wrong," said Sheriff Michael Adkinson. "But, the inmate did what was right."

A deputy responded and after several tries trying to slide the hammer back, a round was located in the chamber.

The gun was confiscated and taken into evidence. Dillard is incarcerated in the Walton County Jail out of Escambia County.