Hydrilla problem being addressed at Lakes Seminole and Eufaula

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DONALSONVILLE, Ga. (WTVY) — Weeds are a major problem in Lake Seminole, they can mess with boat motors and hurt fish.

But The Army Corps of Engineers is working to control the problem.

"When you ride around the lake, you're going to find some kind of weeds."

Hydrilla is a weed that grows under the water. It looks like a Christmas tree.

Site manager Terrell Stoves says,
"It grows in such thick mats that it cuts off creek channels, and makes it hard for people to access the water."

But the corps of is trying to keep the problem under control.

This year Lake Seminole was awarded over $200,000 to help.

Park ranger Andrew Cook says hydrilla is one of the worst weeds on the lake.

They received over $80,000 for grass eating carp. the fish eat the hydrilla.

And $140,000 was given to buy chemicals that kill the weeds.

Cook says,
"We do the best we can, funding is always something we need to keep out for, we only have a certain amount of money for the whole lake."

One problem associated with hydrilla is it grows really fast so even if it is broken off into a small piece, it can reproduce quickly across the lake.

Stoves says, "We just want to make the lake more accessible to the public, that is our main goal."

Stoves says that maintenance is a yearly issue.

"We will never have a budget to get all of the hydrilla out on the lake but we try to get what we can each year."

Lake Eufaula also received money to address the hydrilla problem there.