Human Etch A Sketch: Iowa man maps names of kids battling cancer

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IOWA -- (WTVY) An Iowa man loses his three-year-old son to cancer.

Now, the dad is running to keep his son's memory alive. He's doing it in a unique way.

Rik Zortman is from Avoca, Iowa.

After he lost his son to brain cancer, he started running because his son, Armstrong, loved to run.

Armstrong died back in 2009. This year, one day while Rik was running, he decided to map out his son's name.

He used an app called Map My Run that tracks his steps.

After mapping out, "Armstrong," Rik started doing the same thing with other kids names.

Rik says he maps out the names of kids all across Iowa.

Most of the names he does are of kids that have either dealt with or are dealing with cancer.

So far, he's mapped out almost 150 names.

He finds some of those names by reading stories on social media and news sites. People also reach out to him, asking him to map out names of people they know.

During the month of September, Rick mapped out 100 names in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

He also maps out inspirational messages, such as "you can do it," and "good luck."