Houston County Sheriff's Deputy gains team to battle cancer

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HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WTVY) -- When the phone rings Houston County Sheriff's deputies are ready to fight for our safety, but there's one call they didn't expect. One of their deputies is facing his second battle with cancer, but Deputy Johnathan Berry isn't fighting cancer alone.

The Houston County Sheriff's Office is raising money to support Deputy Johnathan Berry. (Source: Houston County Sheriff's Dept.)

"Deputy Berry means a lot to every one of us. He's a coworker, he's a friend," said Sgt. Ricky Herring.

Berry has been working at the sheriff's office for more than a year.

"Very dependable and you know he gets along with everybody here and he just, he does a great job, good character, and integrity,” said Herring.

Berry is part of the two percent who battles the same severity of embryonal carcinoma, a rare cancer.

"He definitely did a great job. He would be working today if he wasn't going through chemo," said Herring.

The sheriff's office is fundraising to offset Deputy Berry's large medical bills.

"We want to do what we can to help him out and finances is a big part of it," said Herring.

Pre-sale tickets are available now. $25 for the Boston Butt, $30 to add a chance to win a handmade cooler.

"Helping Deputy Berry out during this crucial time in his life. When this cancer that he has would be great for others to come and help them show support," said Herring.

Pick up is at the Outpost Guns and Ammo store across from Lowe's on Ross Clark Circle in Dothan.

"We got families. We have issues of our own and opportunities to handle of our own and you know it can be very very stressful at times, but I think if you, you know, you able to help each other out and show love and compassion and care for each other. And it goes a long way," said Herring.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets contact Kaci Buckley. Email kbuckley@houstoncountysheriff.org or call 334-677-4888.