Houston County Schools superintendent is confident school will start by August 12th

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August 12th - that's the date Houston County Schools has set to go back after a malware attack set them back 11-days.

Houston County School Superintendent David Sewell is confident there won't be any more delays.

There is some good news.

The student information database is back online and phones have also been restored, to some extent.

"I don't see any problem for us not to make our date of August the 12th,” said Sewell.

Houston County Schools were supposed to have students start August 1st, then the date moved to the 5th after the malware attack.

With the database, INOW, still down and phones out as of the beginning of this week, the board decided to push it back again, to August 12th.

Superintendent David Sewell doesn't see any more date moves in the future.

"Our phones should be up and working with limited service and we have limited computer service at each and every school,” said Sewell.

Each school is operating on one phone line, so they can handle one caller at a time, and there are now two working computers at each campus.

INOW is back up, the student record database, which means enrollment and schedules can be finalized.

So technology is on the way back, but what about the hack? Should people be worried?

WTVY Asked Sewell the following questions during the press conference:

If they need to be aware of their information being out there, if they need to get any credit monitoring?

“This is an ongoing investigation I cannot comment on that,” said Sewell.

Is anything was being done to protect student and faculty information?

“That's probably something I don't need to talk about,” said Sewell. “You don't want to let the bad guys know what you're doing."

Could this all happen again? I know you guys are trying to rebuild, but could this all happen again?

“We really don't know how many times this has happened,” said Sewell. “The other systems - we haven't sat down to compare notes. That's the reason why we turned it over to the F-B-I, they compare notes with other systems."

I asked Sewell if he'll be willing to give us more information when the investigation is over.

He said he'll have to see what he is told, but it could be months before he can divulge.