Houston County School Superintendent Wants Added Security at Schools

HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WTVY) - Dozens of school threats have been reported across the country and some in the Wiregrass.

The Houston County School superintendent wants to make changes.
“We're always looking at our safety plans and we really feel like we need to step it up", says David Sewell.

The county only has two school resource officers who must travel to different campuses.

Sewell says, "One thing that we're looking at is putting an armed guard on each campus."

That includes the Houston County Career Academy, alternative school, and central office.

But providing eleven guards would not come cheap, estimates state about $35,000 a month.

"I would much rather the state step in and a law enforcement officer on each campus." Said the Superintendent.

One proposal came from D-S-I Security in Dothan.
"We try to recruit ex -law enforcement, ex-military and there’s a lot of those folks around because of Ft. Rucker and things like that." Says Boyd Clark, Director of Sales and Marketing.

But even with experience, getting the schools staffed isn’t an easy process.

Clark says, "It’s a funding issue, if you talk to the Sheriff he'll tell you the same thing right now, if you talk to the superintendent he'll tell you the same thing... the money is not there"

That's why they'll reach out to the State for help.

"The cost is not the only factor, there’s many other factors other than cost because we really and truly cannot put a price tag on safety" said David.
Again, no decisions have been made.

Sewell says at this time... It's just an idea.... And they'll discuss it at the school boards Monday evening workshop.