Houston County Commission's challenge for the Wiregrass

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) You've seen it for yourselves. People throwing trash out of their windows, emptying ashtrays in parking lots and dumping stuff they don't want anymore.

So Houston County Commissioners are challenging everyone to get involved to keep our community clean.

“When we have people driving through the community on the way to the beach and they see a bunch of trash outside the highway they think about Dothan and Houston County as being a trashy community,” says Houston County Commissioner Brandon Shoupe.

It's a problem and commissioner Brandon Shoupe says money could solve it.

“We could pay people to go out and pick up the trash but it would be an exorbitant expense and we just don't have the funding to be able to do that,” says Shoupe.

So that's why Houston County commissioners are trying something else. They are looking for 5 new adopt-a-mile partners to keep roads clean.

“It's a challenge to ourselves to find them and it's a challenge to the community to come forward and be those Adopt-A-Mile partners.

Picking up trash on the side can be dangerous so the program provides safety vest. They also provide the bags that the trash will go in, so the only thing volunteers have to do is show up and pick up.

So far two wiregrass groups have signed up as partners.

One group is from Bay Springs Baptist Church. The teens pledge to help to keep the Wiregrass beautiful.

“Anyway we can serve the church the community the county we just desire to do so,” says Bay Spring Baptist Church youth minister Cliff Morrison.

Sometimes the trash thrown out of the windows ends up in yards. Then families are faced with the cleanup

“Because I have five kids they help out too. We be out here in the beaming sun picking up other people's trash,” says Candis Richardson.

But it must be done.

“Even if it's hot you don't want your yard looking a mess. Of course, you have to get out there and do it, but when you're hot and mad and have to pick it up…” says Richardson.

We used to see work-release inmates picking up trash but Commissioner Shoupe tells me they all have jobs because the unemployment rate is so low.

If you are a part of a group and are interested in becoming an Adopt-A-Mile partner you can contact your district's commissioner.