Houston Conty EMA plans on being one step ahead of storms

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COLUMBIA, Ala. (WTVY) -- Staying one step ahead of the storm, that's how the Houston County Emergency Management Agency is tackling potential flooding.

The last time there was a flood in Columbia was December of 2015; it forced families to evacuate their homes.

To prevent this from happening again, Houston County EMA brought over an R2 communications vehicle to observe potential flooding. Inside the vehicle, there is a video monitoring system of the waterways that will alert EMA of any danger.

It's also capable of linking all communications groups under one roof. There was no damage to any homes this time around, but mayor of Columbia Rhonda Freeman says it's better to be proactive, than reactive.

"If we do have another flood, it won’t be a big disaster. We will get residents out early and try to prevent so much property loss and surely, human lives.”

Freeman says this time around, there was no damage done to any homes. This was a joint effort between Houston County EMA, the sheriff's department and the cities of Columbia and Gordon.